Do You Know the Top Rated Home Insurance Companies in Florida?

Once you are ready to start shopping online for home insurance in Florida, you will need to be aware of the best companies out there. By knowing these companies, you can find award winning customer service along with affordable prices. Keep these top rated companies in mind. Based on customer reviews, these companies rank among the top when it comes to customer service and policies provided. Here are the top rated home insurance companies in Florida.



Universal Property


First, Universal Property. This is the largest homeowners insurance company in Florida. Universal Property can provide residents with standard policies that include coverage for dwellings, contents in your home, along with other structures on your property. Universal also allows you to purchase additional coverage. For example, coverage for your personal property at a replacement cost. That way you can be reimbursed for full value.



Tower Hill Insurance


Next, Tower Hill insurance. Tower Hill is the second largest homeowners insurance company for Florida residents. It also boasts great ratings from customers. Tower Hill provides great customer interactions along with a financial stability rating of A. Tower Hill customers experience so many customization options when it comes to policies. For example, an Imperial Shield policy. This can help cover your high-value home by providing higher coverage limits.



State Farm


Who can mention the top rated home insurance companies in Florida without including State Farm? State Farm is well known for their extreme dedication to customers along with adding a professional touch to their policies. It’s important to keep in mind that State Farm does not offer any type of flood insurance. State Farm can be a great company for you if you are looking to buy multiple policies. State Farm has a financial stability rating of A++, which is the highest rating out there.



Federal National


Finally, Federal National. This Florida homeowners insurance company can provide customers with coverage for their home structure, personal belongings, and liability coverage. When it comes to unique benefits provided by Federal National, they include flood insurance coverage. Compared to other insurance companies, Federal Nation has higher than average customer service for the state of Florida. In turn, Federal National has a financial stability rating of A.



Shopping for coverage from the top rated home insurance companies in Florida doesn’t have to be difficult. Begin your search by checking out each company listed above. While one company may be great for one family, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Be sure to check out each one in order to find the best company for your coverage needs.